CROMI in CHI2016

CROMI has a paper in the Human-Computer Interaction (CHI 2016 ) conference that will take place from May 7-9, 2016 in San Jose, California. The paper is titled: Citizens for Science and Science for Citizens:  The View from Participatory Design. Here is the abstract:

The rise of citizen science (CS) as a form of public participation in scientific research has engaged many disciplines and communities. This paper makes a case for a unique contribution of the CHI community to the engagement with CS by contrasting two different approaches – one that puts citizens in the service of science, and one that engages them in the production of scientific knowledge. We use insights from our empirical study of CS projects to both support this distinction and highlight the limitations of existing citizen participation in most CS projects. Using Participatory Design as a lens, we explore the implications of limited participation in CS.


Conference: ‘Reconfiguring Global Space: The Geography, Politics, And Ethics Of Drone War”

IU Bloomington is hosting a conference titled ‘Reconfiguring Global Space: The Geography, Politics, And Ethics Of Drone War’ from July 13-17. The event which is sponsered by IU School of Global and International Studies and organized by IU faculty Hamid Ekbia and Majed Akhtar is organized into 4 session: ‘War and Policing’, ‘Technology’, ‘Culture and Affect’ and ‘Law, Policy and Ethics’. The conference program is available here.