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    • Jul. 22: Cassidy Sugimoto is among the four faculty selected as the 2014-15 fellows for the Academic Leadership Program of Indiana University Bloomington. Read the story here.
    • May. 5: Bonnie Nardi will be giving a presentation titled “Heteromation: Dividing Labour between People and Machines“.
      Time/Place:  1:30pm/Informatics East, Room 130
      See the event flyer here.
    • Apr. 17: Cassidy Sugimoto receives ILS Trustees Teaching Award. Read the full story here.


    • Nov. 22: Nantanoot (Apple) Suwannawut defended her PhD dissertation in Information Science. The title of her dissertation is “Accessibility Evaluation of Online Learning Management Systems for Persons with Visual Impairment“. (link)
    • Sep. 27: Members from CROMI, CIPR and D2I at Indiana University Bloomington presented a poster titled “BIGDATA, BIGGER DILEMMAS: A Critical Review” at the Inauguration Ceremony of the School of Informatics and Computing.
    • Jul. 15: Ratan Suri defends his PhD dissertation. The title of his dissertation is “ICT Use in Knowledge Work: GIS and Historiographical Practices”.
    • Jun. 10: Michael Mattioli from the School of Law and Ratan Suri from the Department of Telecommunications start collaborating with CROMI.
    • Apr. 20: The New York Time runs an article featuring some of the work done on game development for health care by Hamid Ekbia and his colleagues.
    • Mar. 7: Cassidy Sugimoto joins CROMI as a co-director.
    • Jan. 14: Following a couple of discussion sessions, CROMI members decide to focus on big data.    


    • Oct. 3: Lai Ma defends her PhD dissertation in Information Science. The title of her dissertation is “Information in World: Conceptions of Information and Problems of Method in Information Science”. (link)
    • Apr. 25: Professor Jannis Kallinikos who is the PhD programme Director in the Information Systems and Innovation Group, in the Department of Management at the London School of Economics was the special guest of CROMI.
    • Apr. 5: CROMI members had a meeting with Professor Peter Galison from Harvard University who is visiting IU as a Patton Foundation lecturer.



    • Apr. 26-27: Mark Millardwill present a poster at Web Science 2010 in Raleigh, NC. His research paper “Analysis of Interaction in an Asynchronous CMC Environment” will also be published in the conference proceedings.
    • Apr. 11: Hamid Ekbia will present “Personal Health Records for Self-Management Support“, Wellness Informatics Workshop, CHI2010, Atlanta, GA.
    • Apr. 10: Hamid Ekbia will present “Personal Health Records for College Students: A Case Study“, Workshop in Interactive System in Health, CHI2010, Atlanta, GA.
    • Mar. 5: Hamid Ekbia will present “Computerization of Health: Personalizing the Impersonal” as a part of the talk series at the Rob Kling Center for Social Informatics at Indiana University. The talk will be held at Room 001 Wells Library (SLIS entrance).
    • Feb. 13-15: Hamid Ekbia (and colleague Stephen Hockema) co-authored a paper for the Fourth International Conference on Design Principles and Practices. The conference was held at the University of Illinois in Chicago. [read more …]
    • Feb. 13-15: Koh, H. & Bardzell, J. presented “Supporting the experience of active reading in the design of e-books” at the Fourth International Conference on Design Principles and Practices. The conference was held at the University of Illinois, Chicago. [read more…]
    • Feb. 5: Tim Bowman presented “Backstage or Front Stage with YouTube” at iConference 2010 held Feb 3-6 at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. [read more…]
    • Feb. 4: Health Management Technology: “NoMoreClipboard.com Expands Partnership with Indiana University
    • Feb. 4: Inside Indiana Business Report: “NoMoreClipboard.com Announces Agreement With IU” [read more…]


    • Oct. 17: HyunSeung Koh presented “Understanding annotations using the Heideggerian concepts of ready-to-hand and present-at-hand for supporting active reading” at the School of Library and Information Science Doctoral Research Forum. Bloomington, IN.
    • Aug. 25-27: Nantanoot Suwannawut. (G3ict and International Telecommunication Union ) presented “Needs of ICT Accessibility: Challenges and Issues from User Perspective” in the Asia-Pacific Regional Forum on Mainstreaming ICT Accessibility for Persons with Disability, UNESCAP, Bangkok , Thailand. [Program]
    • Jul. 20-21: Nantanoot Suwannawut presented “Alternative Frameworks for Designing Web Interface and Applications for Visually Impaired Persons” at the IEEE (in partnership with IBM) Accessing the Future Conference, Northeastern University, Boston, MA. [PDF]

    NoMoreClipboard.com Announces Agreement With IU

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